Best Hotel In Islamabad

Islamabad city is one of the beautiful cities of the world with highest income from international tourism. And it is not surprising: tourist occupancy records in our country is exceeding year after year, with more high overnight stays in tourist accommodation during the previous year . Best hotels of Islamabad  continue to improve these figures and have quality tourism, it is essential to be able to offer perfect places to stay . That is why at Atlas Hotel we are committed to Smart Hotels, properties that make visitors feel at home.

Smart management hotel with luxury is unique feature that we offer to our respected guests.

best hotel in islamabad

The city Islamabad that host the highest number of visitors  every day. Furthermore, not only the hotels in Islamabad city have benefited : occupancy in the rest of the community of Rawalpindi has also increased.

However, despite the great benefit that tourism represents for our country, it also entails a series of challenges, especially environmental ones, such as the increase in the consumption of natural resources or the increase in CO2 emissions.

best hotels in islamabad

Features and Benefits of a Smart hotel.

To take care of the health of the planet and offer its guests the best treatment, some hotels, such as the Serena Hotel, Marriott hotel, Ramada Hotel , Hotel One Islamabad  and Atlas Hotel , have already opted for the Smart philosophy with lush green surroundings. But what can a Smart Hotel offer?

Ensures the safety of their guests

The access control and the identification of the people who are in the building, supported by an intelligent video surveillance system are the guarantee of the eradication of incidents.

Create a welcoming environment

Heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems are self-regulating based on occupancy. In addition, they also regulate factors such as humidity or air filtration to remove particles or analyze CO2 levels. The latter is common in large buildings due to closed environments, as the air loses its oxygen levels.
Optimize the use of building resources . It monitors and predicts the needs of the hotel, such as the capacity and demand of the elevators or the consumption of electricity through sensors.
Protect the building . With programs such as tree plantation , the entire property is controlled through fire detectors or seismic alarms.
With these simple measures , energy consumption can be cut in half  .

Characteristics of Luxury Hotels

Have you ever wondered what it is like to stay in luxury hotels ? These types of hotels take the lodging experience to another level and today at the Atlas Hotel we want to offer you its most outstanding characteristics.

Beautiful Design

In the best luxury hotels you will find that everything from the outside, the reception, the lounge and all the other common areas, will have a beautiful and elegant design. You can feel that you are in a special place from the moment you walk through the door, just like our guests at Atlas hotel .


Aromas in luxury hotels.
In some luxury hotels you can perceive an incredible aroma from the moment you enter. You can also perceive this pleasant aroma in the hallways. Little things like this are extremely pleasant and add a lot to the luxury hotel experience.

Event space

Luxury hotels have large spaces for events, where you can hold large conferences or celebrate events such as weddings, birthdays and many more. In Atlas hotel we have event rooms that can be accommodated to the needs of all our clients.

Exceptional Services

The service you receive at a luxury hotel is exceptional and the staff will often provide a great deal of attention. Luxury hotels employ staff who are highly trained to perform their duties excellently. Among the services that stand out in a luxury hotel and in Atlas Hotel we offer are:

  • Welcome drink (Welcome drink)
  • Transfer airport-hotel-airport
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Dedicated Green Parking Experience
  • Free Wifi
  • Free Cancellation

Rooms in luxury hotels

The rooms of a luxury hotel are so comfortable and cozy that they make you want to spend a lot of time in them. The beds are spacious and give you an excellent rest, the sheets are soft, the pillows are comfortable and help you align your spine for a better night’s sleep.

In-house restaurant

best hotel in islamabad
The luxury hotel is characterized by having internal restaurants and bars. In Atlas hotel we have restaurant with beautiful dining environment and delicious food. We welcome travelers with a smile who enjoy free time to taste food. Atlas Hotel welcome people who, after working hours, decide to eat a delicious dish and enjoy a good luxury peaceful time.

Welcome and farewell gifts

In some luxury hotels they can greet you with flowers, chocolate and other beautiful gifts. When you leave they can also give you something nice as a local souvenir . For example, in London some luxury hotels bid their guests farewell with a traditional English tea, while to receive them they offer chocolate or a refreshing drink. Gifts are not guaranteed in luxury hotels but if they are offered they are a detail that helps to remember the stay. Atlas Hotel welcomes its guests with a Welcome drink .

If you are looking for a luxury dreamland hotel to visit Islamabad, stay in the Atlas hotel F7 Islamabad at affordable price, contact us and live an unforgettable experience .

There are thousands of happy families and business guests who loved saying in luxury 3 star hotel Atlas.

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Celebrate at the Hotel Atlas


Let your celebration with family and friends be something special. The Hotel Atlas offers you a decorated ambience for a successful party.  

Whether family celebrations, birthdays or weddings, with our variable rooms, personal service and unique culinary creations by our chef, your celebration will be an unforgettable event. 

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best hotel islamabad



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