The Quest For All of the Comers – Book Review

The Quest For All Comers is a book written by Kevin Dunn and based on the works of H. G. Lovecraft. The key character, detective Michael Knight, investigates the bizarre death of the young woman whose shouts were listened to in the hillsides abovementation of Necropolis, an ancient city built before the dawn of humanity. Whilst investigating, Michael jordan finds him self in the center of a great affair which involves not only the authorities but his own police captain, in addition to the local district attorney, against which in turn he is personally opposed.

In conclusion, Michael must choose between sticking with the power, risking old age, or perhaps turning his back on justice and letting his wife and children cease to live in the dark. I won’t give it away, however the ending is normally brutal and truly stunning. There’s a whole lot to like in this new, and a lot which makes you temporarily halt and re-read to make sure that the story had a authentic meaning due to its characters and setting. It may take several ebooks to appreciate each of the intricacies on the plot, nonetheless this one has it all. Kevin Dunn provides written a thrilling, fast-moving tale which gives you just about every reason to see it over once again.

My only regret would be that the Quest For All Comers does not get a movie. It would be wonderful! At least someone is going to make a movie out of it. A more good adaptation could lead to a spin-off series where the law enforcement detective investigates additional creeps on the internet who should also steal the crown.

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